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 Good to see Ghostbusters

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Good to see Ghostbusters Empty
PostSubject: Good to see Ghostbusters   Good to see Ghostbusters Icon_minitimeTue Oct 28, 2008 6:35 am

Hello everyone, my name is Alexaner. I have been a fan of the Ghostusters since I was 7 years old. Smile You name it, I had it. Proton pack, trap, goggles, stay puff doll, the fire house, ecto-1, all the figurines, and of course; both movies. I enjoyed the cartoon series' aswell. And ever since the improvements in gaming technology, i've wanted to play a Ghostubsters game. Well, that time has come. Too bad theirs an extended wait. lol! I first learned of this game a couple of weeks ago and im shocked it hasn't been released yet. Shocked The graphics are wonderful, the gameplay & story line; excellent, and having the entier original cast is awsome. This game WOULD have been a BIG seller for the holidays. Funny how money is getting in the way of more money.

Anyways, I dont want to rant on my first post here Laughing , hope to here from you fellow fans. And I hope to see this game soon...
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Good to see Ghostbusters
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